Since the main songwriter Viljo Rantanen (e.g. Teräsbetoni) founded Burning Winter in 2001, pure heavy metal has been what Burning Winter is all about. Influenced by both traditional heavy rock and German power metal, the band is not trying to reinvent the wheel – they just want to play music that comes from the depths of the heart. The strong elements of Burning Winter’s straightforward music are driving tempos, catchy choruses, thundering bass drums and strong melodies backed by raw power chords.

Burning Winter had both active and passive times through the years. Years of silence, but also several demo tapes and some gigs (opening up for eg. Sonata Arctica and Dreamtale). Though the last line-up seemed to be very promising what comes to both recording and performing live, all the band members had not enough time for the band. So it was finally time to bury Burning Winter as a band, after over ten years. It was, of course, a very hard decision.

Now Burning Winter continues as a project of Viljo Rantanen and lead vocalist Samu Jalo. So it’s time for some heavy metal – once again!